Dog leash holders

Dog leash holders

Dog leash holder or hook is a very useful tool for pet lovers. Pet owners usually lost pet’s leash every time they come back to home after a walk. It is because when you leave it on your table or anywhere in your home where the dog steals it and hide it at some place which you can’t find.

Using dog leash holder will help you keep your leash at a place and easy to find. It will also keep your dog’s accessories clean and tidy.

Fix your dog leash holder in the entryway and when you come back from the walk with your dog, hand the leash on the hook and pick it up when you leave the home on next trip with your dog.

Many people have different types of dog leash like a leash for hiking, a harness, front clipping harness and leash for wet weather, dog sweaters, raincoats, and googles, etc. To manage all these things becomes difficult.

The condition becomes more complicated if you have more than one dog. To manage this mess and all the dog accessories, a dog leash holder is the best choice.

In addition to a dog’s leash, you can also hang other accessories such as dog’s poop bag, pet’s collars, and even your home keys and car keys.

There is nothing special to choose the dog’s leash holder mostly people select it randomly or choose the cheapest one.

Main Features in Dog Leash Holders

A dog leash holder is a tool which is fixed with the wall at your home and has attached hooks to hang different accessories. It is mostly attached in entryways and used to hang walk accessories that you need immediately while leaving home like home and car keys and your pet’s accessories.

Selecting a good quality dog leash holder is not tricky and simply depends on its appearance. However, there are some essential features, which you need to keep in mind as they may change your experience entirely.

Usually, dog leash holders are reasonably priced, that’s why most of the people choose one without thinking much and stop using it forever. We will discuss some features of dog leash holders which may help you pick one that you will use for years.

Here are some of the important features which dog owners must keep in mind when buying a dog leash holder:

Mounting style

While picking the right holder for your home, make sure that the mounting style works for your dog and housing requirements.

If you have too heavy gear, you should have to screw or nail the rack. You can also do wall anchors. Some of the wall mount holders require screwing the hook into the wall and some others can be stuck.

Number of hooks

Check for the number of hooks you needed. If you have one dog, you may not want too many hooks. You may feel two hooks are enough but keep in mind that there are many walk accessories that you may want to hang like keys, poop bags, and umbrella as well.  


As it lies close to your home entryway, so choose the one which matches your home décor and appears appealing to you. You will have many choices to decide between like rustic racks, country chic style racks, and mode racks, etc.

Easy Cleaning

Sometimes the walks happen in dirt and rain and leash can be dirty so keep in mind this aspect while buying a leash holder that it is easy to clean or not.

The price of a dog leash holder varies but most of the products are cheap. The price ranges from $20 to $50 and even many others priced around $10. The dog leash holder is not a thing to change very often, so invest some extra dollars for some quality product. It will worth it.

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