Invisible dog leash

An invisible dog leash is a fun product consisting of a stiff long cord with a pet collar attached to its one end. The people holding it and walking in the streets looks like they are walking invisible dogs. Prople usually buy leash with dog house, dog harnest and other dog stuff.

The history of the invisible dog leash lies back in 1972. It was the most popular innovation at that time. The inventor of this product was Sir David Walker. He was famous for his weird inventions and useless stuff and this invisible dog leash was one of them. In addition, he was also a mind reader and carnival pitchman.

At first, he got rich by selling a product known as Clackers. It was a plastic sphere connected to a string and makes a clacking sound when collided together. After that, he invented the Invisible dog leash.

The story of the invention of invisible dog leash according to May 1, 1983, Salina Journal is:

The invisible dog leash was created when a fellow novelty dealer stuck with 5,000 broken child sized rodeo whips and asked Walker if he can make them of any use. Walker decided to attach a dog harness to a whip’s stiff handle.

Just after the invention, two million invisible dog leashes were sold i.e. 300,000 by Walker himself and the remaining by followers.

The actual worth making invention by Walker was a metallic balloon which became more famous as compared to usual rubber balloons. But again in case of this invention, the imitators end up making more money than he did himself.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no name and acknowledgment of Walker as an inventor except for one article in Salina Journal. Not even a page on Wikipedia about him.

Do you want an obedient dog that you have no need to take care off?

Or you want to tease your friends and family with an invisible dog?

You can take an invisible dog collar. This invisible dog collar will allow you to take part in fun activities such as walking and playing fetch even without any pet.

Your friends and people around will surprise to see whether you are an affectionate owner of your dog or if you are crazy. This fun product is also a great idea for fun gifts and even to pull a prank on April fool Day.

The invisible leash consists of a long and stiff cord with attached harness at one end that will pull the attention of people around. The invisible dog leash is the coolest accessory which people are buying for entertainment purposes.

Take this invisible dog on a walk and watch the people turn their heads and asking questions whether you are walking some pet around you or not.

For people who want a dog but don’t want to take a headache of cleaning and looking after it, the invisible dog is much better and easy to control than real ones. So this obedient and well-trained dog will follow you and you can take them outside on a cool walk. But in reality, there is no live dog.

An invisible dog leash is a special combo for serious pranksters. Take this invisible dog with you on a walk and shock your neighbors. It also comes up with a fake poop, so don’t forget to take a poo bag with you to clean up after it.

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