Orijen Cat foods (main information, pros/cons)

Orijen cat food is an exclusive and distinctive pet food brand that emphasizes fresh ingredients and high levels of proteins. They are actually using human grade meats as an ingredient in the pet food mainly eggs and antibiotic chickens and many more.

The main contrasting feature of the Orijen brand is, they are using fresh ingredients. In their cat and kitten food products they are using free fresh eggs and free range poultry. You would be surprised to know that all of the fish used in cat and kitten formula are caught fresh.  

Like any other good pet food brand, Orijen provides a wide variety of cat meals specially designed for particular conditions. The whole range of food products is separated into two types i.e. freeze-dried cat foods and dry cat treats.

Some ingredients like vegetable proteins and other synthetic extras are not included in dry food products of Orijen that we actually don?t want our cat to eat.

Orijen dry cat and kitten meal

This meal is appropriate for cats and kittens or we can say it is designed for cats at all stages of their life. It is equally suitable for small growing kittens and adult cats. Like other Orijen meals, this food product contains different proteinaceous substances like poultry meat, cartilage, and organs.

It also has fresh eggs, mackerel, and flounder. The meat used in this meal is mostly fresh and either refrigerated without any synthetic preservatives or raw, it means that the meat is flash-frozen and free of preservatives.


The main source of protein is animal proteins

It contains high protein

It has various nurturing parts of animals

No synthetic ingredients and preservatives

Low carbs in contrast to various dry cat formulas


It is costly

It has legumes

Some users report that their cat has become sick using this food

Orijen original cat food

The Orijen original food contains local source ingredients such as turkeys, eggs, free run chickens and even the fish caught from the local river. All these ingredients are surely and guaranteed fresh every time as they are sourced from local natural sources. It is hard to find even little preservatives on food or artificial ingredients in food which were acquired from the local sources.


Everything fresh and healthy

The meal has a complete set of nutrients what your cat required  

This product is so dense to ensure that your cat is able to catch every bit of nutrient out of it

Boost immunity of your cat and prevent diseases


There is variation in ingredients on the basis of different branches of Orijen brand

Orijen six fish cat food

As the name implies, Orijen six fish cat formula characterized by fish protein. This formula seems to have more content of salmon fish and have a delicious taste. This meal contains 40 percent of proteins and 20 percent of carbohydrates. This meal like any other Orijen cat food product is designed to match the natural diet of the cat as in wild.


Animal proteins are the main source

High protein content

Low carbs as compared to other dry cat foods



Foods containing fish are not suitable for a long time feeding

No synthetic ingredients and preservatives

Overall the Orijen cat food is the proper meal for cats to ensure their healthy growth. Feeding on Orijen food your feline will get the essential nutrients she requires and will avoid unnecessary and cheap fillers.

The price of Orijen cat food is a little bit high but it will decrease your vet bills. Your cat will be happy and healthy. You should give it a try.

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