Royal Canin cat food vs Iams cat food vs Orijen Cat food

Cats need proper food and complete nutrient content to stay healthy just like humans. A healthy diet will keep your cat away from diseases. Sometimes it becomes hard to find a good meal for cats. When you go to the pet store to shop cat food, you may see too many choices then how will you choose the best food for your feline?  

There are a numbers of factors you should keep in mind while selecting the best food brand for your cat. Some of these factors are the quality of ingredients, price information, and brand history.   

In this article, we will compare three cat food brands i.e. Orijen, Royal Canin, and IAMS and highlight the main differences among all the three.

Nutritional value of Orijen IAMS and Royal Canin cat food

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Royal Canin




Protein content comparison

Proper growth and nourishment of cats require 22 amino acids. Eleven of these twenty-two amino acids are produced naturally in the body and the remaining eleven are consumed from food. Protein is the one which contains many of these eleven amino acids.

Protein is essential for the cat’s health and is the main part of the cat’s diet. If not provided with proper proteins, your cat can develop a wide variety of severe health issues.

As shown in the table above, the Orijen cat foods offer significantly higher protein in their food products as compared to IAMS and Royal Canin foods. The order of protein content among three brand product is Orijen > IAMS > Royal Canin i.e. Orijen has highest protein content among the three and guarantees more protein as compared to IAMS and IAMS, in turn, has bit higher protein content i.e. 2.56 % than Royal Canin. Royal Canin has the least value of protein among the three.

Fats content comparison

Fat is an important component of food and helps in the maintenance of health of your cats in many ways. Fats are helpful in the transport of nutrients through cell membranes. It helps in the maintenance of blood pressure. The presence of fats in food also enhances the taste of food that your feline will like to eat. Fats slow down the onset of diseases caused by yeast infections and also avoid inflammation.

The comparison of these three cat food brands shows that the fat content is higher in Orijen food products in comparison to Royal Canin and IAMS. The order of fat content is Orijen > IAMS > Royal Canin. It means that the Orijen guarantees 4.35% more fat content as compared to IAMS food products and IAMS, in turn, has higher fat content i.e. 2.03% high than Royal Canin. The difference in fat content between IAMS and Royal Canin is small but still noticeable and can influence your decision of choosing food for your cat.

Fiber content Comparison

Fiber is important for indoor cats for a proper digestive health. It is also beneficial for the condition called hairballs.

If we look at the percentages of fiber in three brand products, we will see that the Royal Canin provide the highest fiber content. There is significant variation in the amount of fiber among Royal Canin, Orijen and IAMS.

Royal Canin offers 3.2% more fiber content than Orijen and 2.9% than IAMS. If we compare IAMS and Orijen there is an insignificant difference among the fibers of two brands.

Price comparison

Orijen is a bit more expensive than IAMS and Royal Canin. Among these three IAMS is cheapest. However, the exact price you will pay for Orijen cat food, IAMS cat food or Royal Canin cat food will greatly depend on your shopping habits.

Recall history of three cat food brands

Orijen has been officially recalled only once in its entire history due to irradiation treatment consequences in 2008.

Iams has been officially recalled twice once in 2010 and second in 2013 and both times the reason was same i.e. Salmonella (bacteria) presence in meals.

Royal Canin has been officially recalled thrice. In 2006, it was first recalled due to extremely high quantities of Vitamin D3. In 2007 it was recalled again for 2nd and 3rd time due to the presence of Melamine in products.

Each brand has its own pros and cons. In our article, we have compared the nutritional value, cost and brand security of Royal Canin, IAMS and Orijen. The decision is all yours, you can decide between brands depending on the type of food that suits your feline.   

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