Royal Canin cat foods (main information, pros/cons)

The Royal Canin is popular for its prescription and breed-specific cat foods. It is considered among the oldest cat food companies in the pet food industry. Initially, the company was founded in 1967 in France. In 2002 the company was bought by Mars an American global manufacturer of pet foods.   

Important features of Royal Canin cat food

It is important for cat owners to know the important features of products from Royal Canin foods. Some of the features are given below:

Nutrition-based Line

When it comes to Royal Canin cat foods, the most important thing to notice is the overall nutritional value of the products. These cat food products are very good for cats when taken as a whole. But, through a survey of ingredients, it can be noticed that all of the products do not contain high-quality proteins.

Prescription Formula

There are some ingredients in the Royal Canin products which are not advisable to cats. But in terms of prescription cat foods by Royal Canin, special attention has been given towards the ingredients.

The prescription formula is best for cats with special ingredients that even suits the sensitive cats and digested with ease. The Royal Canin is highly recommended for prescription food.

Specific foods for particular breed and age

Royal Canin food products have another good quality which most of the cat owners like is the variety of products they provide. In addition to the prescribed formula, the manufacturer offers a variety of food specialized for certain cat breed. There are also food products for cats at different life stages i.e. kittens, adult cats, and elderly cats.  

Normal Cat Food Contains Grains

Cat owners usually complaint about Royal Canin cat food that they contain grains. Royal Canin cat food has two common ingredients namely rice and corn. Some of the foods even contain rice as a portion of the first three ingredients.

Grains can be a source of proteins but not as much as meat. This cat food may also contain meat by-product as a source of protein but it is not a good source of nutrition for cats.


The cats mostly like to eat the food from this brand

Some studies have been reported confirming the immediate health improvements in cats

Numerous cat owners swear by Royal Canin cat foods and their influence on the health of cats    


There is a dissimilarity in the ingredients on the basis of the place where the product was produced

Not suitable for cats that are sensitive or allergic to grains

Some of the Royal Canin cat food products are reviewed below:

Royal canin feline indoor health nutrition dry cat food

It has been created especially for the necessities of cats staying indoor and fulfills their nutritious requirements. This cat food can help reduce the odor of their stool. As the indoor cats are less active due to absence of exercise, they might have slow intestinal process which lead to foul smelling poop.


Helpful in reducing the smell of cat’s stool

Makes teeth and bones stronger

Reduces risk of hairballs

Helpful in maintaining an perfect body weight of cats


Various cats don’t like the taste

Basic ingredients are the only chicken meal

Royal Canin feline health nutrition dry cat food

This food is especially designed for cats with gastrointestinal disorders. It contains the right amount of nutrients and helps cats avoid sensitive stomach.


Reduce the risk of hairballs

Help cats with constipation

Some cats like the taste of this product

Contains balanced fiber

Improve digestion of cats with sensitive digestive systems


Some cats want extra moisture in the meal


We have discussed very few products from Royal Canin, but overall the brand is trustworthy and provides us the right level of nutrients and recipe for out cats. It also provides additional supplements and vitamins where required.

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