Best Antivirus for Small Business

Today there are (and are actively doing nasty things!) Hundreds and thousands of malicious programs. All of them are capable of “infecting” your computer, disrupting its operation, and presenting data from hard drives to intruders.

Why Do You Need to Use Antivirus for Small Business?

Antivirus software for small businesses is an essential element of protection. It makes no sense to offer any specific antivirus. Each of the existing ones has its own advantages. Here’s just a tip: don’t skimp when buying antivirus software! Otherwise, you will not provide protection to your computer, but only “throw away” your money. If you find it difficult to decide which program is the best to buy – “take” a probe. Almost every antivirus company has a website where you can download a trial version of the program for free (usually for 30 days). Download this, “kill two birds with one stone”: ensure the safety of your data and determine whether such antivirus is worth your money and whether you need to purchase it. Check the best antivirus for small business below.

A List of the Best Antiviruses for Small Business

  • WrestlerAdvertisingAntivirus +

Protects your personal computer from viruses, Trojans, advertisements, parasite sites, fraudulent programs, spyware, etc. Antivirus can scan processes in RAM, as well as perform selective or full scans at the user’s request or by the task scheduler. After 30 days of operation, the anti-virus displays a message about the end of the trial version. But he offers to buy a paid version or, staying on the free version, lose some of the features. Such as checking mail, scanning external media, and a dozen other pleasant things.

  • AviraFreeAntivirus

An excellent free antivirus is similar in functionality to “Avast! FreeAntivirus “. It copes well with macro viruses and is able to update offline. However, there is negative feedback from users that Avira detects hacked games and programs as a virus, removing them. Therefore, it is recommended to install it on computers for office and home. Antivirus will reliably protect them for free.

  • MicrosoftSecurityEssentials

100% free antivirus from Microsoft itself. The anti-virus update itself practically does not consume system resources. According to many users of this antivirus, it sometimes skips ads, spyware, and malware. But after examining foreign resources, we can safely conclude that users simply slander Microsoft Security Essentials, not believing that “free cheese” is also tasty. This antivirus is suitable for all users who have fairly old computers with a single-core processor and a small amount of RAM.

There are only two negative things about Microsoft’s antivirus. Doesn’t work with Windows XP and works invisibly in the system. This stealth makes users wary, unlike other antiviruses, which constantly display a message that the system is in perfect order, or a threat has been detected. “Microsoft Security Essentials” works quietly, and this is what scares. But if you open the report file for the month of the anti-virus operation, you can see that there are many suspicious files in the quarantine, which indicates that the anti-virus is active.

  • PandaCloudAntivirus

An excellent antivirus that protects your computer on the basis of the “cloud” – creates a virtual computer between Windows and the Internet. However, because of this “cloud”, when working on the Internet, the slowdown in the loading of large Internet pages is noticeable. The free version implements heuristic analysis and scanning. Modestly consumes system resources, thanks to which it has gained wide popularity among programmers working on very old computers.