3 Best collaboration software for storing and distribution of documents

There is a multibillion-dollar business built around selling PC and Mac cleaning software. They come in any shape, size, and price, and state the need to clean, configure and capture sensitive data.

The Importance of Storing and Distributing Documents

Maybe you also noticed that a lot of our values are gradually becoming “virtual” and now exist only in the form of files on your computer? First, it is the results of your work and hobbies, creativity. As well as personal photo and video collections, favorite music, books, movies, games.

The material world is becoming simpler and more functional, and the virtual world is becoming more complicated and more valuable. In this regard, the question of the reliability of storage of all these virtual values is becoming increasingly important.

Probably, almost everyone faced a sudden “death” of a computer or hard drive, which contained very important files, archives of photos, music, videos, etc. Often, only at this tragic moment is it mentioned that you need to regularly back up important files on some other the best data rooms.

Ideals can be configured faster than local deployments. Many files have a solid size: digital photo albums, movie library, video library, music albums, useful software. Each quality photo will pull a few tens of megabytes and they are all valuable. There will not be enough disk space for a long time, no storage medium is completely reliable. There are several ways to save information: multiple copies and storage on physical media and virtual cloud drives.

For better file storage, install an additional hard drive of at least 1 terabyte, plus the same external drive, and the amount of free disk space will not bother you for a long time. You can install a disk image creation program and save it separately. Remember to update your backup periodically.

Top 3 Collaboration Software You Can Use 

To make pictures, text documents, and other files available from any gadget, you can use an external drive or upload everything to the cloud. Keeping information on web storage is safer: if the operating system suddenly crashed, the hard drive broke, or the user just bought a new laptop – it doesn’t matter: everything will remain in such a service for storing data. But there are many clouds on the web, and choosing the most suitable one is difficult. To help – a selection of 3 reliable and convenient services with the ability to store data for free unlimited number of documents, that is responsible for:

  • unlimited number of objects;
  • 1 GB of memory;
  • Visio import / export;
  • extended figures;
  • presentation mode;
  • 1000+ templates.

Dropbox is the first recommendation. The cloud is available to users of almost all popular operating systems. An inexpensive service for storing a variety of files entered the rating not only due to its versatility: it also has other positive qualities.

The second one is Google drive. A convenient option for storing all kinds of files that can be shared with other users. Google Drive is one of the most secure and convenient services.

And the last one is Microsoft OneDrive, a virtual storage and file sharing, launched back in 2007, which is suitable for those who use Microsoft services. Low cost is not the only plus of the cloud.