Best Antivirus for Small Business

Today there are (and are actively doing nasty things!) Hundreds and thousands of malicious programs. All of them are capable of “infecting” your computer, disrupting its operation, and presenting data from hard drives to intruders. Why Do You Need to Use Antivirus for Small Business? Antivirus software for small businesses is an essential element of … Continue reading Best Antivirus for Small Business

McAfee vs Avast: Which Antivirus is Better?

McAfee is possibly the most notable antivirus name out there. In any case, Avast’s prevalence is developing quickly for its first-rate security. We’re comparing McAfee vs Avast program. The two organizations utilize progressed malware recognition that functions admirably for known viruses. They likewise offer assurance against ransomware, yet their extra highlights change enormously. Key similarities … Continue reading McAfee vs Avast: Which Antivirus is Better?

Is PC Matic Antivirus

People often explore the market of antivirus software to pick something more reliable. While there are several giants with millions of users from all across the globe, some smaller developers are worth users’ attention, too. Today, we’ll discuss just this kind of company. In this PC Matic review in 2020, we will discuss some peculiarities … Continue reading Is PC Matic Antivirus

Is McAfee for Mac as Good as Norton?

Choosing an antivirus program is complicated enough. Especially when you’ve narrowed down the list to McAfee and Norton. These are the most popular options nowadays. To help define which one is better, let’s compare McAfee vs Norton for Mac. Interface Both programs have appealing and user-friendly interfaces. McAfee has the left sidebar and the menu … Continue reading Is McAfee for Mac as Good as Norton?

How to close and pause Avast

Sometimes you may want to close Avast Antivirus temporarily probably to check other programs. But you will not find any option in Avast menu to close or exit the program. You are unable to force close or end the program in your computer task manager. The behind this is that by default the Avast offers … Continue reading How to close and pause Avast

How to install and remove Avast

How to install Avast? To start installation process, first, you have to download the software. Go to the Avast website. Open your browser and go to The Avast website will access the operating system of your PC when it opens. At the center of the page, there is an orange button i.e. download Avast … Continue reading How to install and remove Avast