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Is Avast Good for Android?

You Must Know It: Is Avast Good for Android?

Whether you like it or not, but we live in the digital world, where almost everyone has at least one device to stay online. We use the Internet while doing various things: we buy new clothes, book tickets and even make our dates on the web. But what about security? Can we feel safe constantly surfing the Internet? We install antivirus software on computers to protect them from malicious programs but do we often do this for other gadgets? As it turns out, your smartphones and tablets need good protection, too. We hate to say this, but all Android users are also in danger. While Android’s customization is undoubtedly amazing, there is one small detail: the fact that they have an open platform makes it easier to attack Android devices. What should we do? Avast can help to solve this problem as this well-known company provides protection for mobile devices too. In this comprehensive review, we are going to answer the question: is Avast good for Android?

Avast Mobile Security: key features

Avast Mobile Security is one of the most well-known Android antivirus apps on Google Play and it earned its reputation for good reason. Judging from the numerous grateful reviews, customers love the Avast solution for Android. Why? The explanation is simple, as Avast Mobile Security performs really great in the independent lab evaluations. Moreover, the basic package is free to download. Overall, Avast Mobile Security is an application, with a feature-packed free version and the opportunity to add extra services in the Pro and Ultimate suites. Here is a brief description of Avast Mobile Security. What can it do for your smartphone or tablet? 1. Avast protects your privacy on different levels. First of all, it prevents all malware from invading your computer. In the Pro version, it is possible to double-secure your apps and pictures via a PIN code, fingerprint password, or pattern. With the Ultimate suite, you also can hide your activity VPN. 2. Avast helps you protect your information remotely. Thanks to remote control, you can block your data protecting it from thieves. Moreover, remote control helps you restore your gadget if it appears to be stolen or lost. 3. Avast can locate your device. We hate to say this, but your phone can be lost or stolen. Do you know what to do in a situation like this? Avast allows you to block your device or wipe all of your sensitive information. The Pro suite can even take pictures and audios of the thief. 4. Avast improves the overall performance of your device. Avast Mobile Security helps you optimize your gadget in different ways. It offers more space by wiping out junk, accelerates your gadget with RAM Boost and prolongs battery life by modifying Android settings. 5. Avast helps to make your digital life healthier. The application monitors all your digital habits, so you always know how you spend your time on your smartphone. Avast also offers you information on all apps you have on your device and how often you use them. Moreover, it is possible to check apps permissions to control how apps access your phone

Avast Mobile Security: protection

Avast is famous for its protection and the mobile package is no exception. Avast Mobile Security demonstrated excellent results during AV-TEST. The security app detected 100% of all real-time malware programs and 100% of all samples that had been found earlier. Sounds impressive, right? What about Avast’s usability? In our opinion, it is quite good. You can easily scan your device with the huge Scan button. Moreover, you are free to schedule the scans for any time you want. Now we can answer the question: yes, Avast is good for Android. Overall, Avast Mobile Security is definitely one of the top-tier antivirus applications for Android devices. It offers undoubtedly solid antivirus protection and has numerous extra features in paid suites.


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