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Iams cat food (main information, pros/cons)

IAMS is one of the top pet brands in the world. IAMS is popular among pet owners because of its high-quality ingredients. The brand quality ensures that the cats will get the right nutrients and the chances of diseases are lowered.

You may not believe the cats are very choosy when it comes to eating. So it becomes a great challenge to choose a meal for your cat that will be delicious to them.

Recently IAMS has invigorated its whole line of wet and dry cat foods to turn them healthier, taste good and close to your cats? real diet. IAMS has a wide variety of food products for pets, you can choose one which best fits your feline?s health and goodness.

Every food product by IAMS is formulated for the particular requirements of the cats. You can switch between meals easily depending on the requirements of your cat. Different recipes are available for maintaining muscular health, burning fats, healthy stomach and boosting immunity.

Here are some of the IAMS meals and their special characteristics with their pros and cons:

IAMS grain free naturals cat food

The IAMS grain free naturals cat food is specially designed for your cats? carnivorous diet. Naturally big cats and wild cats consume a large number of birds as part of their diet, so feeding the domestic cats with chicken diet will provide more natural diet. This recipe also contains vitamin E which is essential for a thick and lustrous coat of fur to your cats.


In addition to proteins, this cat meal also contains natural substances such as peas, spinach, and carrots etc. for a proper meal.

This cat meal is best for cats that age 10 or more.


According to various cat owners, this IAMS product is rarely available in stores and may be discontinued soon.

IAMS proactive health specialized care adult dry cat food

Cats are susceptible to various health issues including hairball and weight loss. These are not very hard to avoid, you can simply prevent is using the proper and right meal to your cats. This formula will help in proper growth of cats and prevention of diseases. It will make sure that your pet is getting sufficient nutrients that fit their body requirements.


Specially designed for cats susceptible to hairballs

Useful in stimulating healthy weight of the cat

Many veterinarians strongly recommend this formula


A very small number of cats faced diarrhea using this IAMS product

IAMS proactive health senior adult dry cat food

When your cat is adult and grows older, it needs a lot of extra care and balanced nutrients to stay healthy. Proper diet is necessary for cats for strong bones and muscles at later stages of life. In contrast to the early stages of life, adult cats are more likely to be attacked by different diseases, so you need to be careful and fulfill their requirements. IAMS has specially formulated the IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food to help you caring your adult cats.


Special for adult cats

Help in the maintenance of strong bones and muscles of cats

Improved digestive health

Boosts immunity of your cat


Using this meal some cats lose their weight

Some cats developed diarrhea from this meal

IAMS provide more natural food for cats and cat owners are happy to see the health of their cats. Investing in IAMS for your lovely pet food, you can surely reduce your vet bills by preventing your cat from hairball using proactive health daily cat treats for hairballs. Feed your cats IAMS.


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